The clean beauty and the clean beauty movement have taken over the beauty industry and that is not something new. It all started with “eating clean” and “dressing sustainably”. When all of that was already in place and people were educated and excited to go that way, the next thing was the cosmetic and skincare products. Just like that, Instagram and the other social media platforms started showing some new approaches and products, talking about clean beauty, clean products, and clean skincare routines. Many were wondering whether this was just another novelty that was introduced to widen the options on the market or was it something that was necessary and needed. As time showed, it was something needed and in a quick time, it became a movement. It still is today and it is going strong, with more and more people adopting clean beauty as the only way.

What is clean beauty?

A lot has been said and discussed on this topic, but the clean beauty is the future of the makeup, cosmetics, and beauty industry. Clean beauty is a phrase that is chosen by some stores to cover the newly designed sector that is rapidly growing in today's beauty industry. The similar names that connect and refer to clean beauty are "natural beauty", “organic beauty”, "non-toxic beauty" and "green beauty". All of these terms are referring to the idea and goal of a cleaner cosmetic industry. The ingredients that are used in clean beauty products are also an important part of the whole idea. They are more skin-friendly rather than those that are artificially made. More and more people are starting to care about the things that they are putting on their skin, which has led to the perception and understanding that the traditional beauty industry can have lots of unacceptable ingredients. Some of those unacceptable ingredients are truly harmful to the skin and the health, and they are even banned in many countries. However, since there is no worldwide law that regulates these ingredients, there are still countries that use them in their products. That is why clean beauty comes as a much healthier option and an excellent way to clean up the cosmetic industry from all those products using those harmful ingredients.

The vision of the clean beauty industry is to offer something clean like organic, natural ingredients. Clean beauty is made without the use of harsh sulfates, silicones, parabens, phthalates, DEA, and artificial dyes.

How has the clean beauty evolved?

The clean industry has gone from something that was a choice for a particular group of people to a mainstream choice for many. More and more people are becoming conscious and interested in what they are putting on their skin. In the beginning, many were skeptical about this type of industry. The people had only a few choices because only a few brands were offering these types of products. Also, some brands have started this approach almost 10 years ago, which speaks that this approach has evolved, slowly by securely. Even some of the most famous cosmetic brands are shifting towards the clean approach. Without a doubt, it is becoming one of the largest growing sectors of the beauty industry, with the aspiration and intention to take over the entire market.

The future of the clean beauty color cosmetics

The clean beauty movement is not something that is currently trendy and that is short term. This kind of perception of beauty brands is something that will certainly not get a positive review and likes in a long term. The clean beauty is a very different approach in the entire process of creating the products – from the production process to the ingredients used in it and the final packaging. The future of the clean beauty color cosmetic brands is not just to be certified as natural and organic, but to change their entire perception about what is healthy for the skin and why it is done in the first place. It is inevitable and the goal that the clean beauty industry will transform only into the beauty industry. With so much pollution on earth, it is only fair to pay attention to the environment, the food we eat, what we wear, and what we put on our faces. The skin is a breathable and absorbing thing that must be cared for and the clean beauty industry does just that. The product development must be thought and conducted thoroughly, without any shortcuts, because what comes out, in the end, is what will define the future of the brand and the movement itself.

Future clean beauty trends

The future clean beauty trends expect to bring the focus more on the power of the plants. Many kinds of research in this area suggest that plants have some extraordinary qualities that the industry will upgrade themselves to find more ways how to get the most out of them. With that inevitable comes the change in the brands themselves. More and more brands will become more considerate about the clean industry because that is healthy for the skin. Nevertheless, not everything in nature is good for the skin. These trends will try to be about the products that are non-irritant to the skin.

Clean products have already entered the skincare and beauty market. This presence comes through the appearance of more clean beauty brands that make their way into color. This is a trend that will only continue to grow with many more product choices on the shelves of the store. It will inevitably push out all the non-clean products. However, it is a long-term process that will make a huge difference in the color cosmetics industry and the overall perception, re-design, and foundation of the current and new cosmetic brands. With that change, consumers will become more educated when it comes to picking the right product.