Tuesday, December 8th 2020
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Winter/Spring Season 2021


Port Saint Lucie, Florida

As an industry leader in clean beauty color cosmetics, the team at lotus bio mineral have formulated and developed the latest innovative face palette for the health-conscious, beauty centric. The FOREVER FACE PALETTE encompasses high-quality blush, highlighter, four foundation powders and a delightful array of long-lasting eyeshadows. There are three variations of shade palettes now available for every skin type of the FOREVER FACE PALETTE: Light Tone, Medium Tone, and Dark Tone. 

The FOREVER FACE PALETTE has a unique and innovative ability. With an internal magnetic palette structure, the eyeshadows easily interchange and allow the ability to refresh your favorite shades on the go. All lotus bio-mineral orders are processed and shipped next business day with free standard USPS shipping. When it is time to replenish or try some of the other fabulous eyeshadow shades, the lotus bio mineral team has launched an easy online ordering platform for all orders.

The "Clean Beauty" movement is expanding exponentially and it’s thanks to health-conscious communities who care about our overall future.  With intelligent innovation, compliance and promotion, the Clean Beauty Movement is connecting supply chains, meeting compliance requirements and achieving goals set by consumers and brands alike. The lotus high-standards are composed of six strongly linked pillars of what "clean beauty" is composed of: Sustainability, Transparency, Cruelty-Free, Ethically Sourced, Clean Ingredients + High-Quality Formulas and Performance. 

The lotus bio mineral standard: With many cosmetic brands following the latest environmentally conscious and “clean beauty” trend, it can be difficult to really find a beauty brand that fits that clean standard while also delivering amazing product. Lotus bio-mineral is dedicated to providing products that are sustainable, eco-friendly, and non-toxic without compromising efficacy and luxurious wear. The team formulates the best cosmetics in labs to provide you with makeup that does not only look good but is good for your skin too. Free of parabens and gluten, our cosmetic products are rich in collagen-boosting extracts and natural ingredients. All lotus bio mineral products are 100% produced in the United States of America. 

While on the mission to develop an innovate palette that encompasses a cleaner, beautiful future for consumers, lotus bio mineral is now available to purchase online at http://www.lotusbiomineral.com.


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