More and more industries are moving towards changing their production and manufacturing processes, mainly in terms of preserving the environment and delivering more natural products. The terms natural and clean have become very popular lately, especially in the cosmetics and beauty industry.

When it comes to cosmetics, clean beauty is very popular and demanded today. It is because of the awareness people are getting about the chemicals that unconsciously are entering our bodies. Although many of the synthetically made chemicals are considered safe, that does not necessarily mean that they are healthy. Their harmful impact can have negative results on the body, even resulting in cancer. The focus of clean beauty is using products that are clean of those harmful ingredients that do not do good on our bodies. 

What is clean beauty?

Clean beauty is an approach and direction in which the designed and developed products come out without any toxic ingredients. It can also be understood as a toxin-free beauty. What is important to note is that if something is considered natural the same does not mean that it is clean. Many natural ingredients are in fact toxic (like lead or poison ivy), and many of the products that contain the word natural can be full of synthetic ingredients.

The mission of the clean beauty companies, among which is Lotus Bio Mineral is to offer non-toxic, high-performing products. With the use of clean beauty products, many health benefits are something that is definitely worth considering. 

The health benefits

The main reason that the world is switching towards clean beauty is the healthier use of cosmetics, and with that, preserving the health of the entire body and the skin. The skin is the window of what is going on inside of our body. Many products can help in the health of the body and the skin by keeping it healthy and smooth from the outside. The clean beauty products are just the right thing to do so and these are their health benefits:

Eco-friendly products

Using clean beauty products means that there is an effort and in being kind to the environment, and that is very true. Every day we hear how the beauty industry negatively impacts the environment. Choosing to use clean beauty products and supporting the companies that manufacture clean beauty products is a great way to help preserve and protect the world. Taking care of the body from the outside is as important as it is from the inside. Clean products and their use have a positive impact on the mind and on the health, which improves the overall well-being.

No irritation

Irritation and inflammation are common skin issues that are only worsened by the use of skin products that contain chemicals and harsh ingredients. Chemicals, artificial colors, and fillers in skincare products and makeup can cause redness, irritation, and breakouts. There can also be an allergic reaction from chemicals found in conventionally produced products. The benefit from using the clean beauty products on sensitive skin for example results in nourishing and protecting it, instead of or irritating it. The inflamed and irritated skin should never be treated with harsh chemicals, and that is why the clean beauty comes as a nice fresh and healing thing. The natural makeup and skincare products should for the skin, not against it.

Saves your nose

Many of the makeup and skincare products have a fragrance. That particular fragrance is designed to cover up the smell that is produced from the chemicals used in traditional health and beauty products. The fragrance, as a chemical covers another chemical, and all those chemicals are something that can cause headaches. Natural products and the clean beauty products are scented with natural essential oils and the smell they provide is pleasant and even therapeutic.

No strange side effects

As it is well-known, cosmetic products are full of parabens which are ingredients that extent the shelf life of the products. They are synthetic and can mimic the body’s natural hormones. What many people worry about is that the parabens can alter the functions of the body's endocrine system. Although artificial ingredients like the parabens can help the product in one thing, they can still have side effects. That is why it is widely suggested to use products that have natural preservatives that will not harm the body. Of course, some people have allergies to the natural ingredients, but those side effects are much more understandable as they come from than the ones from the synthetic ingredients. 

Better long-term effects

Believe it or not, it is not all in chemicals. When it comes to more long-term use, the clean beauty products precedes the artificial derived ones. Indeed, reducing wrinkles might not be the same form using the products with parabens, but the benefits are visible after longer use. Another great and maybe the most important benefit is that the toxins will be removed from at least that part of a person’s life. The skincare regimen is a very important process and getting started with a no-toxin routine is a great step in the right direction. 

What many people do not know is that the skin feels the toxins that we put on the face. With the use of clean beauty products, the results and the improvement that will happen over time will be drastic.

With all of the above-mentioned benefits, clean beauty is the future when it comes to makeup, skincare, and cosmetology. Now is the right time to start the switch. Go with the clean beauty products, switch to a natural skincare routine, and live a healthier and cleaner life. Your skin will appreciate it and so will your body too.