Aside from bearing the image of radiance and beauty that so perfectly describes our cosmetics line, another inspiration for the name is the lotus's definition in many cultures as a symbol of purity an revival. 

In Egyptian culture, this flower is viewed as a token of the universe due to its mystical powers of rebirth. Hindu culture depicts gods and goddesses sitting atop of these large, beautiful water lilies as a representation of ascension. Buddhist stories show the Buddha's last steps on Earth leaving behind a trail of blossoming lotus flowers. All of these stories illustrate the unique power of revivification that many believe comes from this aquatic plant.

As an emerging clean beauty brand, we wanted our customers to not only feel beautiful while applying our makeup but also be able to feel rejuvenated and clean. It was important to us that we find a symbol correlated to that mission, therefore lotus bio-mineral was the name and ultimate way to go about it.